The pandemic caused by the coronavirus continues to affect, how could it be otherwise, the world of football. The Atlético de Madrid It is being one of the most punished teams in LaLiga, if not the most, for this reason, since most of the squad have already suffered from this disease. Even his coach, Diego Simeone, has passed.

At the end of March for the championship for the commitments of the national teams. And the last one you know how it ended for Atlético, with Luis Suárez and Torreira

infected in the concentration of the Uruguayan team.

Now, the ‘threat’ is in Brazil. And not because Lodi and Felipe, the two mattress players who usually enter the plans of the green-amarelho coach are going to be infected. But because among the restrictions that the Government of Spain has imposed to contain the pandemic is that all those from Brazil have to undergo a mandatory ten-day quarantine before they can lead a normal life.

I mean, yes Felipe and Lodi They are summoned by Brazil for the commitments against Colombia (March 26) and Argentina (March 31), and do not receive any special permission from the authorities, they could not lead a normal life until April 11, losing the duels before Seville Y Betis, both in the capital of Seville.

In the same case is Real Madrid, pending if players like Casemiro, Rodrygo, Militao or Vinicius they are part of the coach's plans.


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