The Valencia Women’s player Claudia Florentino has joined the concentration of the Spanish women’s soccer team in Oliva (Valencia) to replace Mapi León, and there is still no replacement for Patri Guijarro, the two internationals who have resigned from the call for 23 for the first two days of the Nations League.

According to the RFEF on its social networks, Claudia Florentino “joins the team after María León’s withdrawal”, and Patri Guijarro “has dropped out and the new registration is pending confirmation.”

After the meeting that ended this morning between the internationals and the president of the Higher Sports Council, Víctor Francos, it was announced that 21 of the 23 players remained in the call, and that only two left it, Mapi León and Patri Guijarro.

In this sense, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, confirmed this Wednesday that these two internationals would not be sanctioned for abandoning the concentration of the women’s soccer team in Valencia, and expressed his “respect” for them and the desire to that they rejoin “fully.”

“I want to express my respect to the players. We want them to play and win. If any of them consider that, at this moment, they are not at full strength and confidence to play, they have the full right to say so. Thanks to the mediation of the CSD we have managed to “Their decision is not a cause of sanction but of respect. We hope that, as soon as possible, they can fully reintegrate,” commented Iceta.