It seems that the ‘poker’ of songs dedicated to him Shakira a Gerard Piqué After their breakup, it has not shaken the former Barça footballer’s relationship with Clara Chia. Love is growing and each time their romance is more consolidated that they are even talking about a wedding.

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This is confirmed by witnesses of the conversation between the Catalan and the twenty-year-old in a restaurant in the upper area of ​​Barcelona Fiesta: “They talk, above all, about how Clara would like her marriage to be. She at no time wants it to be a wedding in style, she wants it to be something very intimate and she does not want this to go beyond news “.

During the talk of the lovebirds, which lasted about two hours, they shared complicit glances and only “love was distilled”, according to the journalist Mónica Vergara in the Telecinco program. “They are very much in love,” she says, and then recounts a gesture that the young woman had with her boy “he asks for a coffee, she takes it, takes the sugar, puts it in the coffee, turns it around and hands it to him.”

The ex of the Colombian singer and the Kosmos worker do not hide their relationship. last weekend, enjoyed a day of snow and skiing in La Masella. “I skied today, 25 years after my last skiing… I’ve felt things from when I was a child. I don’t want to say the place, I want to go back and people are annoying, they ask for such a photo and you fall. There are moments and moments. It has been very good”, commented the athlete on Twitch.