The situation of the young Catalan does not improve. If in Barcelona she already endures mockery and comments of all kinds in the middle of the street because of her relationship with Gerard Piqué, in Miami that uncomfortable situation could be repeated. The former Barça soccer player will travel there every month to see his children, Milan and Sasha, when Shakira decide to settle. Clara Chia She could accompany her boy, although in view of the reception, she still thinks so.

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And it is that Laura Bozzoone of the most popular presenters in Latin America and star of Telemundo (the Latin Mediaset) has dispatched at ease against Clara this Friday on social networks: “These types of women disgust me”, has said. “She always knew that she was destroying a home and she had the indignity to break into her wife’s house.”

This is how Bozzo commented on a piece of news in which Clara Chía appears wearing very tight clothes in the gym in Barcelona where she does sports practically every day: “What’s the point of having a spectacular body if you don’t have neurons and you’re a husband stealer? Beauty is in the soul and in the values ​​that she doesn’t have”ends

Many Internet users support Bozzo’s opinion but, luckily for Clara, others stand up to her: “Robamaridos? I thought they were going alone” or “She was single, he was married, it seems incredible that a woman talks like that about another woman ” .