MURCIA, September 16 (from Europa Press Special Envoy, Ramón Chamorro) –

The Real Madrid coach, Chus Mateo, was satisfied with this Saturday’s victory in the semi-final of the Endesa Super Cup 2023 against Barça and made it clear that they had played “an irregular and acceptable match as is typical of the moment of the season.” , of which he wanted to highlight “the extraordinary work” of his entire team, whom he asks to “play better for longer.”

“I think we had an irregular game as is typical of the time of the season and I think we played an acceptable game for the moment we are in, but now the normal thing is ups and downs.
It is an official tournament, but it comes very close in the preseason, with different rhythms and we now have to put everything at the same level and of course it will take us a while,” Mateo said at a press conference after the match.

The Madrid coach hoped that “I hope” they can win the title even if they don’t play “the best game in the world”, but insisted that “right now is not the time to be well.” “We also demand that we win at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. It is going to be a very difficult game against UCAM Murcia or against Unicaja, who are at a very good level, for sure. If we do a good job at the back and rebound well, we will be able have options,” he noted.

Mateo celebrated the “very good team work” and praised Dzanan Musa, but not only for his 24 points. “For me, it is very important that he defends well. He has defended Kalinic down low, Abrines in the exits from the block, he has rebounded, he knows that points are easy, but I highly value his effort and that of the entire team on a defensive level “Although there are players who have scored more than others, they have all done an extraordinary job. It’s about being a block, so that when Musa doesn’t give me 24 points, it’s another,” he added.

“I do think we can play better, for longer. We have minutes
brilliant and we have to try to make the bad minutes fewer and reduce those errors. I think we have to be more consistent and that we have to play a little more organized without me restricting their ability to generate and create play. There is a long way to go, tomorrow Sunday we have the first final of the year and we have to prepare to be ready against a rival who will make things very difficult for us,” stressed the Madrid native.

Mateo, in his analysis of the match, emphasized that they “only” lost the first quarter and that they were able to recover from “a somewhat irregular start where everyone had their moment and their chance to contribute to the team.” “In the second half we were able to break up the game by playing well collectively and knowing when to grit our teeth to rebound better, which was something that was not failing, and to continue being aggressive offensively,” he commented.

Regarding Facundo Campazzo, he recalled that “he is a player who makes himself loved”, as was proven by the reception he received during his time at UCAM, and valued “the effort he puts into each ball and that he transmits at a defensive level, the claw, the heart”.

“The desire to win that he has is transmitted to the teams where he is. We are very happy to have him, he has been an important part of the victory like the rest of the teammates,” added the point guard. “I have very good players and a team with character and personality, who do not like to lose and of course it is appreciated. I can transmit my ideas but if they do not arrive… They do not want to leave anything behind and that is very appreciated when there is games like this,” he celebrated.

“This Sunday is the most important game of the year because we think so. Of course, we know the importance of beating a team as good as FC Barcelona, ​​but now there will be an opponent that is as good and also with a very high level and it will be the most important match in front of us. There is nothing else, the match against Barça is over, now there is only one match that will be the final,” said the Real Madrid coach, also happy that Walter Tavares continues “to this level”. “He has rebounded, he has blocked, he has intimidated, he has scored, he has defended, it is a joy,” he highlighted.