Chus Mateo: “I don’t remember many teams that have won 72 of 86 games in a season”


The Real Madrid basketball coach, Chus Mateo, considered that they had “fairly” won the final ‘Playoff’ of the Endesa League against UCAM Murcia and was “super proud” of his players, to whom he attributed the “merit” of having won 72 of the 86 games played this season, something that he does not believe is very common.

“I think we have precisely won this ‘Playoff’. We have been superior, we have played very well and we have understood well how to win the title. I am super proud of the players I have, of the work group I have, of all the people who work around me of the team,” said Chus Mateo after the game.

The Madrid native, “a person who likes simple things,” now prefers to “take a vacation and think calmly” about what they have done this season. “We have won 72 games out of 86, I don’t remember that there are many teams that have done this in one season, what the boys have done is an enormous merit,” he remarked.

Mateo celebrated that they recovered “from a bad moment” after losing the Euroleague final that prevented what could have been a “perfect” season. “But it wasn’t because we lost a game in a final in which it was very difficult to win, but even so I am absolutely proud of the work done by my players, by my staff and what I have done,” he stressed.

“I am very happy to have been at the helm of Real Madrid for two years, to have been able to win five titles with this team, with the club that I have in my heart and I hope that we can continue to increase this in the future,” added the coach. of Real Madrid.

He praised the “commendable mental strength” of his team, which after losing the continental final was able to face the ‘Playoff’ against Barça days later. “Losing the Euroleague final was not a setback, it was a sport. It is a shame that we lost it, but winning or losing in sport is, sometimes, a very, very fine line,” he warned.

“I am very happy, especially because of the responsibility that comes with being in charge of a responsibility. You are always looked at with a magnifying glass, there are people who love you, people who don’t love you so much, people who criticize you for your decision making, but it is normal The only thing I do is do my job, honestly, if you don’t like it, I’m very sorry, bad luck, if you like it, I have my family in my house, always, no matter what, I’m going to have it and it’s great. the only thing that really worries me,” he highlighted.

The Madrid coach did not forget the rival, with whom he must “take his hat off this year for the season they have had.” “They have been able to do great things. Today we have been in a pavilion where people are absolutely identified with the team. There is magic and people identify with their team and that is not done overnight,” he said. .