Chris Hemsworth He is one of the actors with the most impressive physique in cinema, but he has just announced that he is retiring from the screen due to the high risk he has of suffering from Alzheimer’s, as he has discovered after having undergone a specific genetic test. But perhaps the disease will not be able to with Thor, because the husband of Elsa Pataki He has done everything possible to avoid it. The Hollywood star has carried out a series of extreme tests to extend life, as shown in the documentary entitled Unlimitedwhich has launched the Disney + platform.

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In the six-part film, Hemsworth “confronts” aging and fights for his longevity by undergoing various physical and psychological tests that he says have been designed by scientists, doctors and other experts.

Through the documentary production, the Australian actor can be seen walking through a crane that exceeds the roof of a skyscraper in order to reduce stress, swimming 200 meters in the Arctic with his brother, also an actor Liam Hemsworthsurfing in icy waters, hanging from a rope 300 meters above the ground, finding paths in inhospitable places using only your brain, not eating anything for four days to reset your “system”, or pulling a heavy SUV, among other extreme activities in search of the formula for longevity.

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The voiceover of Marvel’s Thor himself explains what he intends with these activities, produced by National Geographic, which have been filmed over two years with the consequent delay due to the Covid pandemic: “They will take me to the limit. I want to discover all the secrets to leading a longer and healthier life.”

The actor asks himself in the documentary several times “Why do I do it?” and he himself answers that “death” worries him. The tests include a stay in a town for the elderly made to measure for the star, where he goes with a suit specially made for him at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in which he proves the difficulties that aging permeates the human body.

It is paradoxical that the documentary reflects the actor’s intentions to improve his future just before knowing that his destiny was marked in his DNA: “It scares me not being able to play with my grandchildren, stay active and do what I like. It’s a fight against what that time is capable of making us”. In the genetic test that the star of the Avengersfound that he carried two copies of the ApoE4 gene, one of the most important genetic risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

In the search to live longer and better that Chris shows in Unlimitedscenes are included in which he appears with his wife, Pataki, characterized as they will be when they are elderly, and which take on special relevance after the announcement of his withdrawal from the screens due to fear of illness.