The duel against Cornellà measure the Atlético's ambition in this Copa del Rey (follow the game live on Simeone's team knows they have a historic opportunity to win the league title, as one of the two candidates, Barça, got off the bandwagon long ago. It is not something usual and the Cholo people know it. La Liga will stay in Madrid and Atlético feels strong in the fight. More than ever. And the Cup gets in the way.

It is a competition that pleases a lot in the club, but it will be necessary to see if the technician makes important sacrifices to go far in it. For now Against a team with a name in Second B like Cornellà, Simeone will put unit B. It might seem like a second level group, but Cholo will take out footballers like Saúl, Correa, Kondogbia, Torreira, Vitolo, Lodi, Felipe, Giménez …

Big day in Cornellà

The Cornellà, that carries without playing since December 20, has as target the ascent. He played the playoff in the last three seasons and will try again, despite the fact that before the Christmas break he had no positive results. When the draw came out, the local players and coach celebrated the result and the fact of facing Atlético. For Cornellà, which has a collaboration agreement with Birmingham, this event is a party.

His coach, Guillermo Romo, commented in the preview that they will not renounce their style of play, although he knows how complicated the company is. The Catalan team appeals to motivation, faith and artificial turf where the game will be played. Cornellà, who on Sunday visit Nàstic, the leader of their group, will bet on starting with their main players.

Day for the quarry … and for Saúl and Vitolo

He Atlético will travel the same day of the game and its objective is to avoid the embarrassment of last season, when it was eliminated by Cultural. Nobody forgot that day. As rehearsed in the previous Two footballers from the subsidiary could play, Ricard and Camello. The attack partner would be Correa. Saúl, Kondogbia, Torreira and Vitolo would do it in the center of the field. The base of the LaLiga leader will have rest and it will be necessary to see which players finally travel to Catalan lands. Cornellà measures Atlético's unit B and the hunger for success of the team this season. If the equipment comes out as plugged in as always, it will pass the round. If he falls asleep, the surprise might jump.


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