Felipe Melo is ready to give war. After the Reppublica brought to light a fragment of Juventus' new book by Giorgio Chiellini, which went awry when they shared the dressing room, the Brazilian was offended and has already responded harshly on several occasions.

“Felipe Melo was the worst of the worst. I can't stand the disrespectful, those who always want to oppose him. You were always on the brink of fighting with him. I told the management: it was a rotten apple,” says Chiellini in your publication.

Melo already answered through the Gazzetta. “He pissed himself over fear .. 'This defender', perhaps, is still angry because we slapped him when we eliminated Juventus with Galatasaray in 2013. Or because Inter have won everything, and I am an Interista, or when I beat him 3-0 with Brazil in the Confederations Cup. He is like this: he always wants to do the phenomenon, but at the international level he has not won anything at all, “he said forcefully.

Now, he does it through Instagram. “He has problems with me because I hit him in the head while playing against Siena. We haven't talked since. I think that in the midst of a pandemic, when thousands of people die, it is not the best time to get a book. I could write 100 books of what I lived at Juventus and they would have better material than his, “he replied harshly once again.

Balotelli and Chiellini, televised reconciliation

The center-back also charged the Italian striker for his attitude during the Confederations Cup and entered a crossroads. In the program 'Le Iene', both were reconciled live and there will be a gift. The central promised him a book but Super Mario asked him to tear out the pages where he spoke about him.