NFL's teams
NFL's teams

The Colts were striking. They spent all their night at the backfield of Kansas City, putting pressure and stuffing the floor game. He hit often was sacked four times, and spent a couple of minutes hobbling about Arrowhead Stadium.

NFL's teams
NFL’s teams

Kansas City didn’t do much on both sides of the ball at a 19-13 property loss to Indianapolis on Sunday night, leaving New England (5-0) and San Francisco (3-0) since the league’s only teams with no setback. The 49ers host Cleveland on Monday.

Here are some items that occurred during Week 5 of the NFL season:

“We got beat in roughly every stage you’re able to get overcome this day,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said.

At least among these should snap from the early season slump week since the Dolphins host the Redskins.

Mahomes completed with a touchdown and 321 yards.

Marlon Mack had 132 yards running, discovering pockets against a defense that dropped Xavier Williams along with tackles Chris Jones to accidents.

The NFL is down to 2 unbeaten teams.

The Chiefs will attempt to regroup following week from Houston (3-2), that scored 53 points — that the second-most in business history — at a triumph against Atlanta (1-4).