MADRID, Jan. 8 (SportsFinding) –

Russian footballer Denis Cheryshev said on Wednesday that “it is not the Valencia we have been seeing throughout the season,” lamenting his defeat by 1-3 against Real Madrid in the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup, held in Jeddah ( Saudi Arabia).

“I think we have not been up to the game today, we have not been well, we have not been comfortable. It is not the Valencia we have been seeing throughout the season. And well, now to draw conclusions as quickly as possible and continue , which is still very much, “said Cheryshev to the Movistar Plus microphones.

“Madrid is a great team, we know that you can play many records. We have gone out to play our game and unfortunately it has not come out. We have not been well and it is a shame,” he reiterated, after being asked about the Madrid scheme with Five midfielders

Finally, it has downplayed the error of Jaume Doménech in the first goal of the meringues. “It's more a failure of concentration of all. Perhaps that goal mentally marks you something. Then we have not found ourselves comfortable and, from that goal, perhaps everything has been put uphill,” he said about it.