The expectation about the return of Operación Triunfo in 2023, now on the Amazon Prime Video platform, has not disappointed. The presenter of the new edition on the platform that takes the baton from TVE will be the acclaimed Chenoa, the contestant of the first edition in 2001. This is how the streaming content brand has just made it public with the phrase “When you go, she comes back… and, this time to present #OT2023, Welcome Chenoa!”. She has commented on the illusion that this recognition supposes: “Very excited to return to the place where she started it all,” she said.

His name, of course, was the one that sounded the most for the position. Chenoa returns to the talent show since it made her a star more than 20 years ago. The global capacity of the platform Jeff Brezos It has advanced that the program will premiere exclusively at the end of 2023 in Spain, but that it can be seen in more than 30 countries and territories in Latin America.

Chenoa, as an artist, was born in the first OT, the one that won Rose “of Spain”and in which he fell in love and paired up with another of the winners of the successful Eurovision experiment, David Bisbal. Iconic are the images of how they approached as a couple, and also of when the singer ended their relationship, and Chenoa attended the media in a tracksuit to show that the decision had been devastating for her.

But that was just a personal and professional setback that the artist has far overcome. The renowned and beloved performer, since her first steps in the academy, has released eight albums with titles as acclaimed as I am human, Other Address, Nothing is the same, absurd cinderella y Defying gravity.

He is, almost since he left the first OT, a recognized star who has rubbed shoulders working with artists like Sergio Dalma, Carlos Baute o Gloria Trevihas collected important musical awards and has carved out a career before television cameras as a contestant first, and as a jury of large formats such as Tu cara me suena and in more informative programs such as apeando, Likes and La Noche D.

Prime in Spain is committed to its first weekly program offered live by the platform, and has not taken risks when it comes to putting one of the most recognizable, admired and beloved faces that the format has produced since it triumphed on the screens. Spanish for more than two decades.

“We are not going to do the usual OT, it will be bigger and better.” Those responsible for the platform were so sure of its success when they announced it and confirmed the signing of the format for their catalogue. This new Operación Triunfo will be produced with Gestmusic, will also have weekly live shows and will have a 24-hour channel as in the beginning, but in this case, through YouTube.

As he has enthusiastically expressed James Farrellvice president of local original content for Prime, “Fans of Operación Triunfo have enjoyed this format, which has filled the hearts of millions of viewers with joy, for more than 22 years. We are delighted that the program returns not only in Spain , but also in Latin America, and make history with the first weekly content to be broadcast live on Prime Video in Spain”.