Madrid barely appeared in their area and could not do anything in Benzema's goal. The remaining few approaches did not require your intervention.

RUDIGER Assistant

The center-back pulled out of the hat a great vertical pass that was the prelude to the 0-1 transformed by Pulisic. In defense it was a colossus to abort the white counterattacks.


He used his seniority to lead the blue defense and was in charge of starting his team's game from behind.


He was always very aware of Vinicius, whom he almost never let turn. He was very serious in court and in the air game he was unassailable.


He was hardly seen in attack but always offered a passing line to be the partner of his teammates when Madrid pressed on the pressure.

KANTE Colossal

The best footballer of the first leg of the semifinals. He moved the leather judiciously, appeared between the lines to stretch his team and was undetectable for the Real Madrid midfielders. In defense, as almost always, he gave a masterful lesson in coverage and melee.

JORGINHO Metronome

He was in charge of giving meaning to the Chelsea game. He easily found Pulisic and Mount so that between the two midfielders they crushed Madrid in the transitions.

CHILWELL Restrained

He did not lavish on his rises for the band and when he did he lacked precision in his deliveries.

MOUNT Undetectable

The young Englishman gave a master class infiltrating the ranks of Madrid. He turned when he wanted and led a Casemiro head over heels at times.

PULISIC Goalscorer

He scored the goal that can give Chelsea a pass to the final. He was Mount's best partner and he punished Madrid a lot on the counterattacks.


He had a clear chance at 0-0 and the error seemed to weigh on him for the rest of the match. He was wrong in the unchecks to be able to further damage Madrid in the first half.



His dynamism and speed tipped the field towards Courtois' goal in the final stretch but he lacked precision and accuracy in the last touch.


He moved well between the lines but between Varane, Militao and Casemiro they controlled him quite well so that he could not lift his head in the three-quarter zone.

JAMES Controlled

He came in to strike through Marcelo's wing but Madrid was already well wrapped up in defense and barely managed to reach the baseline.


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