The Catalan journalist, absent from the Telecinco set for months for health reasons, has returned this Thursday to Save me to turn the chicken coop upside down. The reason? His opinion on the leadership’s decision to cancel the program: “This is one of the biggest business aberrations. You are not going to teach us anything, because we will continue doing whatever we want.”

Chelo Garcia Cortes He has given himself up to his particular meeting: “You are so wrong, that the public not only loves us but every day they give us more audiences,” he said. “I don’t know if we will go to Congress or to the Community of Madrid, but you don’t know what television is. This is television!”

And he continued: “Because politics deceives us in the end, one and the other, you all deceive us. We are what we are, we yell at each other, some yell, but in the end we have been here for 14 years teaching real television. If the businessmen you want to kick out, don’t worry: the streets are ours.

The public has cheered Chelo, between cheers and applause, as well as his companions: “I have never seen you like this. Immense, you have been very brave,” Kiko Hernández told him. Social networks have also shown their support for García Cortés and the rest of the team.