The Ministry of Equality has launched an audiovisual campaign in which it denounces macho behavior for which Irene Montero is facing a lot of criticism, including that of Paul Motorcycles. The one of Requena has been taken for granted by one of the examples included in the spot.

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Specifically, in the clip a presenter appears asking his guest about the underwear she wears: “Sexy or comfortable?” “If I were a guy, I wouldn’t have asked that question,” answers the interviewee looking at the camera. The government video fictionalizes an interview program, Pablo Motos is not directly alluded to, but it turns out that the controversial question is the same that the Antena 3 presenter asked Elsa Pataky in 2016.

In the opinion of Motos, that the minister “has spent a million euros on this while the country is as it is is indecent.” “A million euros of public money was spent on making a television campaign to call me macho,” he insisted last Thursday.

In this context, Chayo Mohedano used the replica of the Atresmedia communicator to charge against Jorge Javier Vázquez. “It’s amazing that they do this with you and not do it with the presenter who has publicly mistreated for years in a program that is the leader in the audience of countless women,” he wrote on Twitter.

It is not the first time that the daughter of rose benedict attacks the one from Badalona. It was especially hard after Jorge called him “his mother’s thorn”. “You have tried to kill me many times, but I have resisted your daily mistreatment and it is not the chain that commits crimes, it is the producer, the chain ignores the damage you do and that is what does not let you sleep. Thorn? No, I am your stake,” Chayo said. Hours after sharing that reflection, Jorge Javier himself replied: “In this profession it is about resisting and Chayo has been doing it for many years. What I would ask is that you be more careful with your tweets.”