of the sister-in-law rose benedict to the niece Chayo Mohedano. Both pay tribute day in and day out to La Más Grande, with small gestures such as remembering her on social networks. This Tuesday, the cousin of Rocio Carrasco She has received a number of criticisms for showing off blood and she has not shied away from putting the dots on the i’s.

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The war began when a Chayo fan shared on Twitter a video uploaded by the singer to Instagram. In it, the artist appears in the supermarket showing off “the best potatoes” in Chipiona. In addition, she makes the purchase with a T-shirt, in which La Jury appears stamped: “Today she is coming with me to buy,” she said about her aunt.

Other users, on the other hand, were not amused: “Well, I am Rocío Carrasco and as universal heiress I do not even let you sing any song of my mother or any advertising that refers to her”, “How do you like to draw attention to let them make her a little house” or “If you don’t take your aunt, you are nothing and nobody. You only know how to provoke”.

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Amador Mohedano’s daughter, stunned after reading some comments, replied: “They are fatal in the head. Have you read the comments of some? As if they were their aunt and their land? Well, fuck them because it is my aunt and my land . Brave little shame have the faded ones. They go crazy with the ñoco “, she has written, indignant and sarcastic.