Chayo Mohedano seeks prominence on the anniversary of the death of Rocío Jurado: “Everyone can remember you except us”

This Thursday, June 1, is a very sad day for the followers of The Greatest and their families. On this day, in 2006, the incomparable Rocio Jurado leaving a huge feeling of emptiness in the culture of an entire country. Seventeen years after his death, his sister-in-law, rose benedictand his niece, Chayo MohedanoThey have remembered her on their social networks.

Rosa, who frequently honors her through her Instagram account, has written: “Life is moments, and I have lived many by your side, Rocío. 17 years.” And she has added in stories: “After much of everything… That early morning was the longest and most painful of all because at 05:15 you stopped breathing as your brother said.”

Chayo has also had a few words for his aunt: “June 1, 2023. You are missed so much that even people who had no relationship with you know that on this day, 17 years ago… Why say it, Right? But it’s already 17”.

The singer appreciates each of the expressions of affection towards her aunt in networks: “In short, they write to you and raise their digital voice to share with the world what they feel about your loss. They send me precious messages and it is that many people love you and It reminds you every day. Those of us who have treated you. There is no day that we miss everything about you.”

Next, she has taken the tribute to her aunt to the personal field and has defended herself against those who criticize her for remembering her aunt with nostalgia: “I wanted to write you a letter since last night but honestly it is difficult for me because we are at a time that even giving love we are judged and questioned. Now everyone can remember you… Except us… Absurd, right?

In this sense, she has sentenced her message with some moving words: “I have no doubt about everything we have in common and I am very proud to have your blood and very present everything you taught me: within the maelstrom that is life, I enjoy it and I suffer when it comes to it. You are always present. Thank you for so much. I love you”.

Since the singer of our love broke passed away in June 2006, family problems only grew within the Mohedano family. Although Chayo attended his cousin’s wedding, Rocio Carrascocon Fidel Albiac In 2016, the waters stirred again as a result of interventions in recent years by Rociito on television, accusing the Mohedanos of not having supported her in her story with Antonio David Flores and to take advantage even of his mother. The Fuchsia Tide, known in networks for supporting Carrasco in her testimony, usually targets Rosa and Chayo, among other members of the clan. Hence Chayo’s laments: “Now everyone can remember you… Except us… Absurd, right?”