Pablo Chavarría follows a demanding rehabilitation process after being operated on for his broken anterior crusader of his left knee, an unfortunate injury suffered on March 1 in Anduva against Mirandés. The estimated period to return to the playing fields, between six or seven months. We are talking about an estimated return for October or no later than November.

The Argentine striker would automatically renew if Málaga were promoted to First Division. Otherwise, he would be left without equipment. The Malaga team, of course, would be delighted for him to continue. But it depends on many circumstances, the main one, that LaLiga authorizes the expansion of the number of professional chips, which are currently 18.

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Chavarría spoke of all this and much more in an interesting interview with El Desmarque Málaga that, for his interest, we reproduce.

How are you? “Very well, day by day I am improving, wanting to start a new stage. This week I stopped using the crutches so everything becomes much easier. The first days are quite painful after the surgery, but I had already gone through this and I already knew how everything was going to be ”.

How do you remember the action of the injury? “That part of the field was quite complicated, the grass was not good. When I support myself with my left leg to withstand the force of the shock that I am going to receive, it is where I feel that the knee makes a strange noise. I realized it at the time I had broken. When the referee approaches me I say: “I think I broke my knee.” Unfortunately he was right. I noticed that my knee did not respond to me and I knew I had to leave. The doctor saw me there, they made me some tests and I already knew that I had broken. From the moment I was injured until the end of the game I was very bad because I knew what was coming, but once I accepted it I was already thinking about surgery, recovering and returning to play as soon as possible “I am a very positive player who has gone through bad things. He comes out stronger from these things.”

His teammates dedicated the goals to Sabadell and came out with support shirts. “It was an immense joy. From day one the whole club is with me. First they came out in the warm-up with a shirt and then they celebrated the goal, very grateful to everyone. We have a phenomenal group, the collective prevails. The group behaves phenomenally. It is much easier to go through this type of situation ”.

The team closest to salvation. “He played a very serious game in Lugo. The one who made the goal took it, thanks to David with the foul and Stefan with the definition afterwards. Three very important points, it seems to me that the most important of the whole tournament. To think about winning the weekend and almost ensuring permanence. If we can do it, we will reach 48, we will be very close ”.

Scepovic. “We have been talking a lot. We did not know each other, he is a good boy and I wish him the best. If it goes well, Malaga will do well. Hopefully he can score many goals ”.

Orlando Sá. “He came back a few days ago from seeing some doctors in Portugal. He is feeling very well, he has very good feelings and we hope that he will be able to contribute things to the team soon. He is a very experienced striker and can still give a lot to this Malaga ”.

Happy in Malaga. “I feel very good, I have fallen on my feet in the city and at the club. I feel very loved by people, who let me know on social media and on the street. I am enjoying the day to day, although now I am going through a difficult moment, I know that I am going to achieve it as I did the other times I had a bad time ”.

Can you continue another year at Malaga? “My agent was here before he injured me. The conversations are. After that, it will depend a lot on what Málaga wants to do. I feel very comfortable, we have to reach an agreement but I would be excited to continue here ”.

Good tuning? “Undoubtedly. From the first moment the club when I was injured was with me at all times. Manolo (Gaspar the sports director), José María Muñoz (judicial administrator), all the people of the club. That is why one is comfortable here. Hopefully when things have to be discussed we will reach an agreement and that you can continue. I came here because I was very excited to play for Malaga. In football you never know, I know there are other teams interested but I am very comfortable, my family too and we hope I can continue ”,

There are chances? “I can't tell you, I wouldn't be telling the truth because I don't know the reality yet. For the moment I am calm, thinking about getting well, about improving my knee, which is the main thing. Everyone knows that I am comfortable here ”.

Message to the fans. “I thank you for all the love you send me. I feel very loved here in Malaga. My dream would be to be able to play a game with a full stadium. Unfortunately this year I will not be able to do it because the injury prevents me.


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