Charlene from Monaco silences rumors with a double appearance and a risky bridal look

Rumors about her fragile state of health were ‘in crescendo’ in recent days and the princess took a step forward this Tuesday to close all the mouths that suggested that she was isolated and undergoing medical treatment. Holding hands with her husband, he prince albert, Charlene from Monaco He has presided over two official events for which he has also chosen the color white, a symbol of purity, innocence and transparency.

The first has included a good part of the Grimaldi family. The occasion deserved it: the passage of the Olympic Torch through the Principality before the start of the games, which this year will take place in Paris. Alberto is the royal who has participated in them the most times (specifically in Bobsleigh, a sport that is practiced sitting on a sled to descend at high speed along an ice rink) and has been the proud person in charge of carrying the torch as he passes by. through the Carabineros barracks. At this point, he has handed over the honor to his wife, Charlene, who was an Olympic swimmer in 2020. Both have worn the official white equipment with parachute pants, a long-sleeved elastic t-shirt and Nike running shoes.

Their children also accompanied them, Jacques y Gabriellawith a total black look and flags, as well as the Princess Caroline‘escorted’ by her son Pierre Casiraghi and his daughter-in-law, Beatrice Borromeo.

In the evening, the princes changed their sports kit for a gala look to attend the closing of the Monte Carlo Television Festival. Charlene has repeated with white and has worn a beautiful personalized model by Lebanese Elie Saab, an asymmetrical white jumpsuit with lace details on the neckline to which she has added a side layer that falls on one of her shoulders. A bridal design that she has completed with soft waves in her hair, amber earrings and a diamond bracelet.

The couple appeared very united throughout the evening and posed at the entrance photocall, where they met well-known faces in the world of acting, such as Carrie Prestonprotagonist of the series Elsbeth.