Sergio Canales also joined the complaints by Betis after the arbitration controversies experienced in yesterday's clash against Real Sociedad. The Cantabrian, who left the match when he was changed with 0-1 on the scoreboard, launched a message through social networks in which he did not hesitate to congratulate Real for their victory before reflecting on the referees and the VAR: “I don't usually talk about arbitration decisions or VAR decisions, but this time I want to make a reflection that comes from my soul and with all due respect: first of all, congratulations to the Royal Society for their well-deserved victory yesterday. They were better and period“.

In the sense of his doubts regarding arbitration decisions, it was clear: “Betis knows how to win and lose. On the other hand, I miss that a person in charge of the VAR explained to us the criteria regarding specific plays that we still do not understand. just for yesterday “. In this way, the Spaniard tries to get more clarity to the players when it comes to knowing what will be decided on the field based on each incident that arises. The Betis players expressed their discontent when considering that against Real Sociedad there were doubts in the disallowed goal to Sanabria and also in a possible penalty action against the Paraguayan forward, which ended with the torn shirt.

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* Data updated as of October 19, 2020

Canales added a new title with Betis in the League, although his performance this time was far from what was expected after being a protagonist in Mestalla in the previous day. Pellegrini changed it in the second half before the accumulation of minutes due to his presence also with the Spanish team in recent days. The Cantabrian is fundamental for the Chilean coach, who hopes to have him one hundred percent to face the Wanda duel next Saturday.


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