The singer has reserved a few days off in her schedule to make a very special getaway: return to her country, Colombia, where her parents now live. Shakira landed this Wednesday in her private jet and she did it accompanied by her children, milan and sashaAnd his brother Tonino. An unexpected turn of events, because this Friday Pique I had to pick up the children in Miami.

It seems that he will finally do so in Barranquilla, where the entire Mebarak family has gathered to embrace the patriarch, William, in very delicate health after suffering a domestic fall that caused him a head injury from which he is still recovering. Up to here, specifically to the tourist area of ​​Caño Dulce, Piqué will travel (and not to Miami, as had been published) this Friday to reunite with his children and spend the next two weeks with them, since the minors have already started their vacations schoolchildren.

Just two days ago, Piqué and Clara Chía visited the Colombian consulate in the center of Barcelona, ​​which gave rise to all kinds of rumors: were they planning a romantic trip overseas for the summer? The doubts have been cleared this Thursday with the new information on the whereabouts of Milan and Sasha. According to Crónica Global, Piqué requested an authorization to be able to take his children out of the country, a requirement for which the permission of both parents is needed, so everything indicates that he will pick them up this Friday, the 1st, and will travel with them to some holiday destination and even Barcelona, ​​where the children will be reunited with their paternal grandparents, Joan and Montserrat.

According to Mamarazzis, Piqué will be with his children until June 17, a time less than 66% in the vacation period that corresponded to him according to the agreement they signed in Barcelona. Apparently, some fringes have not yet been closed and the lawyers are still negotiating in these times: “That number remains up in the air.”