In the current panorama of the major women's football leagues, it seems that a change of cycle is beginning. At least that can be interpreted after the latest and unusual results harvested. Thus, Bayern, PSG and Manchester United lead the German, French and English championships, something unusual in the history of their respective leagues. And they have succeeded after directly facing those who have been dominators in recent years.

In France, the news broke last Friday when the PSG of the Spanish Irene Paredes ended an immaculate streak of Lyon that dated back to December 12, 2016. From that date, the maximum French champion accumulated 80 parties, that is said soon, without knowing the defeat. Katoto's goal for the Parisians gave the capital's team the lead ahead of the Lyonese, leaving the classification tight but with PSG ahead. There is a world left for the French championship to end, but it is a warning for a Lyon that is the most successful team in France with 18 league titles, the last 14 in a row. Trophy that PSG has not yet won in its history as it has had to settle for eight runners-up. So, the Paris team adds 25 points, to the 24 of Lyon, in which the Spanish Lola Gallardo and Celia Jiménez also play. And it is that the Parisians had tied against Girondins (1-1) in their only mole so far this year.

For its part, en Germany the change of cycle is becoming more evident. Bayern are the current dominators of the championship thanks to their immaculate streak of nine consecutive victories. One of them, two days ago, against Wolfsburg. A 4-1 that clearly showed the spectacular form of the Bavarians, who conceded their only goal this season in that match. But it is also that Wolfsburg has already scored points before. They drew against Freiburg (1-1), which leaves them two points behind the lead, and with one more game than Bayern. If the championship continues like this, Wolfsburg would end its German dictatorship in the last four campaigns And it could remind the muniques of their two titles won in 2015 and 2016.

While, In England, the Manchester United of the Spanish Ona Batle is also pointing to the change of cycle. The Red Devils, who have not yet achieved a league title, are leaders with one point ahead of Arsenal and three with Chelsea, although the latter team with a game less. And they are at the top after beating the Gunners (1-0) and drawing with the Blues (1-1). The British championship seems more open, but if it makes it clear that both Arsenal and Chelsea, great dominators with three titles each, will have it more difficult this season to repeat successes. For its part, Damaris' Everton seeks to get closer to the top three and will surely give war to try to surprise …


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