The Parisian team, before an empty stand, traces a harmless Borussia Dortmund with goals from Neymar and Bernat (2-0).

Neymar celebrates his goal with Marquinhos and Sarabia.

The PSG freed itself of its fears, its fame (deserved) of indolence, its inferiority complex that buried him in eighths and turned a tie that seemed to lean towards Borussia. Not so much for the outcome of the first leg, but for the game and the hunger of the young wolves.

And it is that “This is Paris”. The crowd was not in the stands to shout it out. The players did it on the grass. By being released, they were even released from prophylactic slogans against the virus. Neymar, after opening the scoring, ran to the bench to hug Mbapp, who did not jump start due to angina.

Not only was the young star missing. The suspended Verratti, the injured Herrera and Thiago Silva, who was out of the last hour, watched the game from the stands. They were bloated. The Brazilian slogans are clearly heard over the silence of the empty Parque de los Prncipes. Lonely in the box, the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo. We are in the electoral campaign and every second of the audience counts.

The fans were unable to enter the stadium due to a UEFA decision, but were noted. Several thousand fans, defying the slogans of the government, which limits any meeting to a thousand people, made themselves known by firing rockets and firecrackers.

High pressure

But the real fireworks were fired on the field of play. An extremely plugged-in PSG pushed hard making it difficult to get out of the ball and put the lazy line of the tough German team in trouble.

Proof of the difference in attitude is that the first foul on Neymar was in 30 seconds. The first offense on Haaland came 13 minutes later. Both squads were observed, but it was played on Borussia ground

And so we reached the end of the half hour. Di Mara pulled out a cranium, the fourth in local statistics, and Neymar, free of the clueless Hakimi, scored with a header! To hell with fear, the virus and everything. Hugs as if there were no tomorrow, that for those of us we are friends and we celebrate our birthday together until dawn, even if the German master throws a tantrum at us.

Once the tie was equalized, Borussia stretched and reached the Navas domain with danger. The keeper who won three Champions with Madrid stopped the balls that came to him, and nothing to scare someone of his category and experience. The French rear, with a makeshift leader like Marquinhos, had the necessary tension to cut short the electrical attacks of the Dortmund boys, who march second in the Bundesliga on their own merits.

Collective claim

It was a defender, the Spanish Bernat who returned to the ownership after a long injury who last touched a ball recovered by the Parisians in the midfield and who had passed through the legs of almost all the forwards and those of the Argentine Paredes, a signing of many millions, indito and who gets along so badly with Tuchel that he did not even make the trip to Dortmund. Yesterday I was there.

In the feat of a team with a reputation for cousin donna that accumulates leagues without disheveled and that blunders at the moment of truth. Yesterday they claimed. And they are in rooms. After resisting a second part of imprecise German harassment. After Mbapp jumped instead of a worthy Sarabia. So the fans will be able to shout, in the quarterfinals of the Champions League or when they are ready, “This is Paris.” Yes sir.

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