Monaco midfielder Cesc Fàbregas chatted about soccer with former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand. On the channel of the former English soccer player, the Spanish broke down the details of being under the command of Arséne Wenger, Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho, whom he had in Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea, comparing their working methods and explaining what things they liked about each.


Arséne Wenger

“I think Arsene Wenger is the best coach for young players, definitely. I don't see anyone better than him because he gives them opportunities, he teaches them how to behave, how to play a game. He has the ability to spend time with the players and teach them exactly the path he wants his team to follow. Sometimes a lot of people talk when young players don't do it well. In soccer, especially, you don't have patience. The pressure falls on you, the fans want to win, but you have patience. Yes you play a bad game, it gives you one chance, and another, and in the end it is there for the player but he does not tremble at the pressure in these cases. That is not easy, he has the ability and I love the way he understands football For me it is the moment in which I felt freest when playing soccer. Right, Left … nobody had to tell me what to do. We talked and we had that mutual trust. “

Pep Guardiola

“Pep is probably the most tactical coach of the three. He likes organization. He's not telling you to be there all the time. He trusts you to play the way he has taught you to find the right spaces. Obviously it's easier if you have a great team, don't get me wrong. It's easier to explain it to Iniesta than anyone else, but I always believed that if you play the ball fast at the right time you will always find the player who is free to score the Difference. For example, in France there are many games where it is one on one. Obviously, many times the more physical team wins because they are stronger. Pep thinks that if you move the ball fast at the right moment you will find the space This is how it works. If you see Manchester City, you can change tactics three times in a match. Maybe it wasn't that much before, but that is sensational. He spends many hours in training camp. He wants specific players I know they play how he wants. It also happened with Arséne. With Pep, of course, you have to be smart. If not, he won't sign you. “

Jose Mourinho

“José is a coach who tactically uses a system but works very well because he uses specific players for each system. The first time we met, he said, I want two players. I am going to sign Diego Costa and if you come with me (I he drew the team on paper), this team wins a title. It is also true that Thibaut Courtois came to cover Petr Cech but that was practically the same. After that, working with him, he is probably the coach who has kept me better mentally. He's a great coach who believes in great players. And he believes it because he plays with minds. He encourages you. For example, one day he came and told me that we were doing well in the league. He would send you messages and tell you 'today you played well' or he said to you 'today you were rubbish' After the game and you stayed … He once said to me 'listen, you weren't going to play in the Carling Cup, but play this game and I give you four days off '. It's about giving and receiving. He works with the ment e of the players like nobody. He can tell you one day that you are the worst and the next day tell you that you are the best in front of the whole team. And sometimes you play well and the team loses, but he will hug you because for him you were a warrior that day. It makes you see that although the rest were not good enough, you have done well. Each one has a different mentality but for me this is good because when you are competitive because if you see that he embraces another and you have not done well, you think the next day I will get up and I will be ready for him. José is the type of coach that if you give him everything, he gives everything to you. I have a great connection to him and I can only say fantastic things about him. “

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