Match against Getafe. “We have a very important game for us the day after tomorrow. The week has been different from all the others. At the beginning, a lot has been said, but we, without being oblivious to all this, try to focus on the game that is already difficult. and after everything that has happened it is being a little more “.

Shield / Flag Cádiz

The fight against racism must not stop. “The focus has been on Cádiz, on what happened the other day. Everyone knows us. I have known Juan for two years. I know his way of life, I have been in his house and he in mine. I know him perfectly. He is a worthwhile person. As I know him, that is why I will defend him and that is why I believe him. We have to be at the forefront against all acts of discrimination, but this week, it has to be always and that this never happens. We have to eradicate it. We're moving forward. Cádiz is not like that nor Juan is like that. We have to condemn any act. We have to be at the forefront of the fight against all this. “

Words about Cala. “The player is affected because He is a good person and good people are affected when something like this happens. He's having a hard time. I will decide, but in principle I have to make the player feel good, wrapped up and that everything returns to normal as soon as possible. “

The rival. “Getafe is a team that play with your weapons and that's it. Anyone who wants to see it differently is wrong. It is a team that takes you to the limit in many situations. I do not agree with those who speak ill of Getafe. It's one more game against a team that we know is different in some ways from the others. “

Union. “The dressing room is made up of about 30 footballers who make up a group, but each one of them is an individuality. When I address them, I address the group. I try to give them a vision to compete, then each one has its particularity It has been a different week, but if you have the conviction that You, your team, your group, are far from what happened, but fight for society to continue advancing, it costs you less. We have no doubts about that, each one will think what happened. We have to keep going and keep racing forward. “

Getafe Shield / Flag

The match against Valencia. “There are good moments, brought about by us, but also, on the contrary. a first part in which what we want happens, although we got a lot of corner kicks. After the break, Cádiz was stagnant, we did not react, we could lose the game there. After the break We were the good version of us and when we got that they did not do what they wanted, our good version came out and we won the game. We were lucky to win it in the end, because if we were to get ahead before, with the players he has, it would have been difficult for us to endure the result. “

Template status. “The Choco when he went up he told me that it's ok to play. Rubén Sobrino stopped because he had to stop, but he is available. Alex no, we hope it's a short time. The others are available, with the typical end-of-season shortcomings. We take care of them so that they can be. Every day there are more players who contribute as was Iván Alejo the other day, Malbasic, Jorge Pombo, which was what I was looking for. I have a vision that they can be pulled. The team is better in that regard. “

The quality of Getafe with Aleñá and Take. “Getafe playing at home against us will not sign the tie at any time. I consider it a team that takes you to the limit with every play. He does not disarm you with the ball, but any play that seems inconsequential takes it to the limit and makes it important. The forwards are a nuisance because they do not stop running. They have added quality and their desire to compete I like how they carry it out“.

Direct duels. “When we face teams like Elche and Huesca, that's where the points to save will be expensive. It depends on the direct duels. We have a path that they do not have, but we have to win to be calm. “

Happy in Cádiz. “What I do is make my work enjoyable. I get up every morning and I know what kind of changing rooms I'm going to find, what kind of players, assistants, people. For five years, coming to El Rosal for me is an act of being happy. Nothing that I am going to find is going to change my smile in the morning. We have achieved it. The pressure is tremendous for everything and everyone has a way of being. This year there have been reactions from me when I have been alone that I have not had in other years. I was surprised and had to pick up the phone and call. When we got to Carranza there were people on motorcycles and I went back to the past and I thought we needed all those people to avoid taking all the pressure home on you. The backpack is difficult to carry. “


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