“Everyone is happy with it RB LeipzigI think it was a good result of the tournament and we can undoubtedly be in the semifinals, but from what I say to what happens there is a difference, either for or against. I think that by logic we have to be there, but who has logic in football? ”, those were the words of the president of the Atlético de Madrid, Enrique Cerezo
, to the Marca newspaper that they have done so badly in Germany.

In fact, the technician of the RB Leipzig, Julian Nagelsmann, they asked about them in a recent interview with the Bild newspaper. “Those words stimulate us more,” to which he added that he will not take them into account after the game: “No matter how the game turns out, I will shake hands with him later.”

A Atlético de Madrid of which especially highlights Saúl Ñíguez. “They are a great team and it will be difficult to beat them. For me it represents a lot what Atlético is and Saúl is a superior footballer, ”explained the coach.

The German coach is clear that he sees “al Bayern Munich as the favorite to win the Champions League. Both my team and Atalanta are the two teams that have less options on paper. Although everything is possible ”. He does not even rule out a final against Bayern: “It is up to us and Bayern to make that happen.”

You acknowledge that you have not made any promises if you win the Champions League: “I still haven't thought about anything, but I could do something crazy”, to which he added that the cousin who would have to win the Champions knows: “I think everyone has that. If you don't have it, you negotiated badly ”.


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