On June 30, Celta will put an end to twelve consecutive years closing their financial years with benefits. The club estimates that the pandemic will cause this season losses that will be around 12 million euros, which will force the entity chaired by Carlos Mouriño to tighten their belts for the second summer in a row in the transfer market. However, Eduardo Coudet he has repeated in his last appearances before the press that he wants a long-term and ambitious project. The Argentine demands incorporations and the Turkish way is presented as a solution to satisfy Chacho's requests.

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In A Sede they aspire to get rid of the Ottoman internationals in the coming weeks Okay Yokuslu and Emre Mor. The exits of the midfielder and the attacker would be a relief to the celestial coffers for different reasons and that money would be added to the 2 million euros that Celta will enter for the sale of Álvaro Vadillo to Espanyol.

The transfer is also the formula that Celta contemplates with Okay and the Celtic leaders are optimistic. Pivot is taking advantage of his loan at West Bromwich Albion to revalue. Although the team where he is on loan, and without a purchase option, may fall mathematically next weekend, the 27-year-old midfielder has played practically everything since he landed in the Premier League in January.

The midfielder, with a contract until 2023, still has the Eurocup as a showcase before having to return to Vigo if your departure is not specified. Celta paid 6 million euros for his signing in 2018 and the specialized portal Transfermarkt gives you currently a market value of 5 'kilos'.

On the contrary, with Emre Mor the stage of the sale is not even raised. It is a utopia. The plans of the olive club with the most deficit signing in its history go through reaching a agreement to terminate the remaining season of the contract or to find him a transfer as a loan. Any of these options would be more than welcome at A Sede for save part the 2 million gross euros that the wayward striker receives per year, the mortgage that Celta has been paying since he bought it for 13 'kilos' in 2017.

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