Mario Balotelli's adventure in the Brescia would be one step away from being over. The striker scored 5 goals in 19 presences with the 'rondinelle', and failed to end his sad season: they are bottoms of Serie A, nine points from salvation. A wrong bet, of course. So much so that his own president acknowledges it, in an interview with the Corriere dello Sport.

Shield / Flag Brescia

“I lost a lot with Balotelli's bet. I tried and Mario did the rest. Brescia, returning to the National Team, Europe, his home, his mother, his brothers, his friends … I thought all the conditions were met. There was nothing to do. Mario lives above the rules or with his own rules. You tell him one thing and he does another“, relates the president in the interview.

In this way, your goodbye is confirmed again and you probably will not have opportunities in the rest of the season. However, the striker still has football in his boots: “Raiola occasionally asks me to help her find another club.. Now, the team itself is distant with him. We are not talking about a child, Mario is on his way to 30 “.

It was not the first criticism: “He is a child”

Before the break, Massimo Cellino, in an interview with 'Teletutto', commented on the performance of the point, with which he was already unhappy: “I wanted Mario, but in attitudes off the field it was too superficial, a child. Of course: we will not descend because of you, thinking that would be a mistake. It was not managed well, and if a child is rude it is the parents' fault. “


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