Celia García Obregón defends her sister Ana: “The Tito Berni thing is more important”

The sister of Ana Obregon, Celia Garcia Obregonhas returned to Madrid after several days away from the media spotlight in Palma de Mallorca and has responded to the latest controversies in which the presenter has been immersed, comparing the information about the circumstances of the birth of her great-niece Ana Sandra Lequio with other legal matters. “The rapists on the street or Tito Berni are more important things than my sister’s,” she assured, while making it obvious that her sister has carried out a long list of acts considered illegal and unethical in Spain. .

Since the birth of little Ana Sandra and Ana Obregón came to light, she confessed that it is not her daughter, but her granddaughter, being conceived with her son’s sperm Aless Lequiothe presenter does not stop grabbing headlines, such as those who assure that she maintains a tense relationship with Alessandro Lequiowho would not agree with the biologist’s decision and would have refused to allow the girl to bear her last name.

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The businesswoman has returned home to resume her professional commitments and has stood up for her sister: “Easter Week has gone very well, calm down. I have rested a lot without TV and I have not missed you,” she joked, referring to the press upon his arrival at the Madrid airport, after acknowledging that he had no idea of ​​the latest headlines starring his sister.

“Understanding that I don’t even watch TV, really, so if you tell me what’s going on, because I don’t find out anything,” he said, although he did acknowledge “hallucinating” with the unprecedented debate that the decision has generated of Ana, and with this being the absolute protagonist of the moment. Celia has lamented the number of headlines that the birth of her great-niece is monopolizing when, according to her, the doubts about the ethics of Ana Obregón’s actions are less: “The thing about the rapists who are on the street and the thing about the Tito Berni are more important things than my sister. You have to screw yourself, really. Of all the problems there are, my sister… but hey, what are we going to do to her? “

However, as he confesses, he talks “a lot” with Ana and, as he assures, she is “happy. She doesn’t watch TV” and nothing is clouding this special moment with little Ana Sandra. Not even the rumors of a bad relationship with the grandfather, Alessandro Lequio, which, as Celia maintains, are completely false: “There is no bad relationship with Alessandro, that I know of. Ana gets along well with everyone” has settled , in order to leave in the air what is true in the rumors that the Italian would have opposed the girl bearing his last name.

After Ana confessed to the magazine Hello! that Aless’s dream was to have five children and she would not mind giving Anita a little brother in the future, different media outlets have assured that the biologist would have started a new surrogate motherhood process to have a male grandchild, although in this case not I would have done it in the United States if not in Argentina. News about which Celia confesses to having no idea. “I don’t know anything, but not that I know,” she has asserted herself, and she acknowledges that she would not like “anything” to be true.

Ana’s sister claims to not know when the presenter will return to Spain with her granddaughter Ana Sandra, and she does not hide her surprise to hear that she could have legal problems when it comes to registering the girl in the Civil Registry as her daughter since it is really her granddaughter.

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It is public and notorious that Ana could encounter serious problems when it comes to returning to Spain with the baby and registering her in the Civil Registry. And it is that as different experts point out, the actress could have committed fraud by registering Ana Sandra as her adoptive daughter through an international adoption because, according to Spanish Law, she could not adopt the little girl due to the biological link that unites them. Ana turns a deaf ear to all these controversies from Miami, where she is enjoying the first weeks of her granddaughter’s life.