The technician did not want to assess the possible departure of the striker in this winter market. He was delighted with the signing of Csar Snchez as a football director and convinced that the club reacted to the Achievements and Bara after two painful defeats

Albert Celades, on the bench in Son Moix.


Ten days to close the transfer market and Valencia still does not move card. No signings or exits. The only incorporation has been that of Csar Snchez as director of football. On him depend any movement and the most feared is the sale of Rodrigo Moreno. The precedent of the summer, when its march to the Attic of Madrid was negotiated until the last day of the market, scares. The rumors that point to a possible cessation of Paco Alccer They feed the fear that the Spanish-Brazilian could open the door.

Although Rodrigo has been uncovered as a cornerstone, “a differential player” In the attack of Valencia of Celades, the technician does not convey concern. Do not verbalize and prefer to drain. “What I see is that Rodrigo He has trained with us today and improves his recovery. The rest is hypothesis. If anything happens, give my opinion, “he says.

The good relationship that unites the technician with the new football director predicts that he will be among the first to find out what happens. The arrival of Csar is a support for Catalan, until now almost helpless in the technical plot. They asked him what he thought and gave his “opinion”: “Give my opinion of the things we understand that can improve the club. I think it is a great addition, is Valencian, knows how the club works because he has been as a player and as a member of a technical body. In addition, he is very loved by the fans. I think a success. ”

Rodrigo not being tomorrow at Las Gauna to release the Cup against him You Achievements. Neither Paulista, Cheryshev or Kondogbia, with “bad feelings” after the medical tests he was subjected to yesterday. “We don't want to risk,” said Celades.

The rest travel with the task of not being surprised and erase the bad image that has given the team in the last two games against Mallorca and Real Madrid. “He will not talk about crisis, because two games can be lost in a row, but it is true that the image has not been good. We are aware and We have to reveal ourselves against this situation. I refuse to think that Valencia is like that“.

“This team had had very good reactions in difficult times and we have two games in which it has cost us or we have not done it. We have to return and I am convinced that we will do it. It is not a critical situation, but not the best. It is in our hand, “said Celades.

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