The Count of Salvatierra has lived through complicated years. From the death of his mother to the estrangement with his siblings and his serious health problems, Cayetano Martínez de Irujo He has faced difficulties and now boasts an improvement in his life situation, although he affirms that he has a pending conversation with his sister, to whom he was very close: “Genoveva has replaced Eugenia for me.”

Cayetano remembers his relationship with the youngest of the family with great nostalgia: “Until my daughter was born, she was the apple of my eye, but now she no longer needs me, she has her husband, she has her life, she is happy, which is what she always is.” I wanted to,” he said. “Since my mother died she has united with other siblings and has done without me. I hope to be able to start from scratch with her”. He recalled how the publication of his memoirs broke his relationship with all of them: “It’s funny because none of them have read them, they think about what others tell them. But also, I don’t say anything about them, it’s my life and I don’t I have to count on them to talk about my life.”

During these years, Cayetano has found his greatest support in his children, Luis and Amina, and his ex-wife: “They have given me stability. Genoveva has replaced Eugenia for me. They are fundamental.” From his girlfriend, Barbara Mirjanhas also spoken: “We have been together for eight years now and she is 33 years younger than me. She is an exceptional woman. Wedding? I don’t know…”.

Darts for his brothers

It does not seem that the new statements by the Count of Salvatierra are going to bring him closer to his older brothers, with whom he has barely had any relationship since Carlos, the new Duke of Alba, withdrew from Cayetano the assignment that the matriarch had granted him: “I have I have been my mother’s most beloved little son and I was the one chosen to run the House for the last five years. I managed the House and convinced my mother to donate while she was alive, but everyone wanted recognition and appreciation. I understand the envy and jealousy, but they could have been worked on because it was very hard to have their rejection,” he said.

The memory of his mother

Cayetano has reviewed with Ana Rosa Quintana some anecdotes about the Duchess of Alba, to whom he was very close: “My older brother always said that my mother had listened to many people, but that she had only obeyed my father and me, well and to the Pope and the King. When he had hydrocephalus he didn’t want to be treated and I told him ‘Either you put yourself in the resonance tube or I’ll put you in.’

She also recalled when she found out about her relationship with Alfonso Díez: “It was funny with Alfonso. I made him come to Liria along with my brother when my mother told me at the age of eighty-something that she had a boyfriend. But how are you going to have a boyfriend? “.