Edinson Cavani has been sanctioned with three matches and sentenced to pay a fine of about 112,000 euros by the English Federation (FA). For the Uruguayan, the FA opened a sanctioning file for going against the behaviors expected of professionals for referring to “color and / or race and / or ethnicity of origin.” Cavani wrote a post on Instagram in which he called a friend “negrito” and the strict measures of the Premier League in terms of racist attitudes has led to the suspension.

The FA has found Cavani guilty of the breach of Rule E3: “A comment posted on the Manchester United FC forward's Instagram page was insulting, abusive, inappropriate and discredited the game against FA Rule E3.1. The position also constitutes an “aggravated offense”, which is defined in Rule FA E3.2, as it included a reference, either express or implied, to color and / or race and / or ethnic origin “. Besides, andManchester United forward will need to complete a face-to-face education after admitting a charge for breach of the aforementioned FA Rule E3.

United makes clear that “Cavani is not racist”

Cavani will miss three games, all at Old Trafford, to Aston Villa (Premier League), Manchester City (Carabao Cup semi-final) and Watford (Emirates FA Cup third round). The Manchester club has issued a statement accepting the sanction imposed by the FA but also in defense of its player, making it clear that Cavani does not have racist attitudes. This is how the statement reads:

Shield / Flag M. United

“As you said, Edinson Cavani was unaware that his words could have been misinterpreted and sincerely apologized for the post and for everyone who was offended. Despite her sincere belief that she was simply sending a warm thank you in response to a congratulatory message from a close friend, she decided not to contest the position, out of respect and solidarity with the FA and the fight against racism. in soocer. While it is clear that context and intent are key factors, we note that the independent Regulatory Commission was required to impose a minimum three-game suspension. The club trusts that the independent Regulatory Commission will make clear in its written reasons that Edinson Cavani is not a racist, nor was there any racist intention in connection with his position. “


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