Real Madrid continues to analyze the possibilities that exist to satisfy the request of Ancelotti, who, as happened in his first stage at the helm of Real Madrid, wants to have a former player of the entity, with weight before the players, in his technical staff. In the first stage of the coach the chosen one was, in the first place, Zidane. Then Iron. That team that Ancelotti formed together with Paul Clement and Zizou, beyond the rest of his extensive team of collaborators, raised the Tenth. It was precisely Ancelotti who put the bug of being a technician in Zidane's body. Your teacher and mentor. An investment in the future for Madrid, because then Zizou won three Champions League in a row leading the first team.

But before that and after that first successful year with Ancelotti, Zidane wanted to continue training at Castilla. That position together with the Italian coach as third coach was filled after his departure from Hierro. Ancelotti also put a strong taste for the benches in the Malaga player. Hierro then began a stage in Oviedo and even managed the National Team. Having that figure of liaison with the squad, that of a coach of the house, is a request that Ancelotti has been repeating in his way of operating in the clubs he has managed for many years.

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Among the possibilities that Madrid has considered are those of Raúl and Arbeloa. But neither option is feasible today. Raúl prefers to continue training Castilla and continue with the good work he is doing in training players. Madrid also understands that it is giving very good results. With Arbeloa the problem is another. The license he has does not allow him, to this day, to sit on the first team bench. The club is still looking for other options …

The harmony between Ancelotti and Madrid is total. It never stopped being that way. Ancelotti has not set any conditions regarding the making of the squad. He is a club man and understands that the current squad has a high quality and is enough to fight for the objectives beyond any important reinforcement that could arrive. And with regard to who will be his final coaching staff, the club has given the coach total freedom.

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Beyond that figure of third coach of the house that Ancelotti wants, he will be accompanied as second by his son Davide (31 years old) who has been playing the role of second coach since his father's time at Naples and then at Everton . Davide is a student of tactics and the physical preparation of players with a modern method adapted to the new times. Ancelotti has had Davide in his coaching staff of collaborators since his previous stage at Madrid and has progressively given him more responsibility. Since 2017, at Bayern, he has been his right hand for all practical purposes.

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