Castellón ‘revolutionizes’ professional football with a V-shaped pose

For decades Spanish soccer teams have posed for the media before every match in two rows, with the players at the bottom on one knee on the ground. But this weekend that will go down in history.

This Saturday, Castellon, on his return to his audience at the Second division will premiere the pose in ‘V’ before his clash with the Malaga. And the ‘orellut’ team will repeat that formation in all the matches it plays at home, complying with the social distance protocol set by the League, which is the only requirement that exists.

“We have believed that it was time to innovate in something that remained impassive at the time. Why pose for the media as was done 50 years ago? ”, Slides the director of the club's Business Area, Pepe Mascarell.

“Castellón will be the first club to break with this unwritten rule,” says Mascarell, who said they are “aware that it will attract attention, like everything new in life”

“There will be those who like it and who does not, but we felt that it is a way of materializing that we are a different club, a club that in the Third Division, three years ago, had almost 13,000 subscribers,” he recalls.

The choice of a V formation also has a reason. “We plan to make a different formation, in the shape of a V because that image symbolizes the union and the victory that has accompanied us since we arrived at the club,” he says.