As if there were few rumors surrounding Sevilla's operations every time the summer market approaches, IKer Casillas has had no trouble revealing the interest of the Nervión team in a footballer from Porto. This is the Brazilian Otavio, 25, of whom the former Real Madrid goalkeeper said the following on his Instagram account: “Otavio: Great player, this Otavio. Several teams have asked about him in European football, including Seville, Lyon and Naples. Great friend! Come on! “

These statements have sparked a stir, to the point that Lopetegui was questioned by them at the press conference prior to the game against Valladolid. “I have nothing to say about that matter,” was the brief response from the Sevilla coach.

Born in Brazil, Otavio has a Portuguese passport and has played 25 games so far this season. He arrived in Porto at the age of 18 and his price was around 20 million euros before the competitions stopped. due to the coronavirus crisis. Knowing how Nervión works, if the interest is true, Casillas' statements will not have pleased the least.

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