Definitely Casemiro (28 years old) has broken into the pivot type for future generations. He empties into defense, seeming to him that walking is an effort and running a joy, and he knows how to flirt with attack, on air missions or with missiles from the ground. Before Espanyol he mixed one and the other to put Madrid two points above Barcelona, in a game and one of those fields where, the classics would say, you win leagues.

Shield / Flag Real Madrid

Bregador and goleador, Casemiro recorded in the RCDE Stadium 8 recoveries and 3 anticipations (together with Marcelo, the one that more), and did the first and only goal. To that goal, as to all those he has been achieving in his career, his determination led him: he was the Madrid player who more occasions he made (2, along with Benzema, Kroos and Varane) and the one that left more shots on goal (3), missed (2) and unemployed (2, which Benzema).

Casemiro heat map at Espanyol-Real Madrid.

Casemiro heat map at Espanyol-Real Madrid.

Decisive goals in League

First tried a petroleum jelly from home that Diego López, in a hurry, prevented it from becoming the goal of the tournament. He then tried a shot that almost ended as head of Ramos, for which it was impossible to control the power of the shot. In the 44 ' stepped into the garlic again, but he could not connect well with the ball in the area. And at 45 ', at last, When the rival hurt the most and relieved his team, he sensed that Benzema's sense of genius was activated and he passed the penalty spot to make it 0-1. “90% is from Karim”, I would recognize later, gentleman and companion, by that French heel.


The tight Espanyol-Madrid summed up the profitability of Casemiro, one two in one. In the league he is the footballer with the most recoveries (250) and tackles successfully (57), in addition to the second in interceptions (59) or the ninth in good passes (1,525). But his purely offensive contribution is also most commendable: four goals, with Kroos the third top scorer in the squad in the competition. He made it 3-0 in 3-2 against Levante, a double in 2-1 against Sevilla and solitary 0-1 in Cornellà. This is Casemiro: broom and rifle.

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