Casemiro he feels very fortunate to have been in the lower categories of Real Madrid. The Brazilian is a soccer player who has never given up, and what he has achieved in his football career has been with effort and sacrifice. No one has ever given him anything, he has only become an essential footballer for the plans of Zinedine Zidane In the merengue set.

The Brazilian soccer player has recognized that it is a dream to be part of the history of the white club and its quarry “people ask me what it is like to play in the Castile and in the quarry of Real Madrid. I always tell you that it is a dream for everyone to come. There are people who have signed for six million, for 80 million, for 50 million, for 45 … That is a dream for everyone, come to the Madrid like a star”.

Casemiro He is a footballer who has come forward with blows. When he was three years old, his father left the family and his mother had to draw the necessary strength to raise the children herself. (Casemiro gives the trick to win the Super Cup final)

On the other hand, the carioca continued commenting a little more what it meant to play in the Madrid quarry and what ugly situations there were “I always say that, for me, it has been a pleasure and a great honor to be able to play in the quarry of the Real Madrid. I really enjoyed it because I knew the values ​​of this club. Playing in the quarry, traveling by bus to Sabadell is to know the other side, in quotes, the “ugly” side of football “