Casemiro will play against him Atalanta on the razor's edge. The Brazilian wears two yellows in this Championsso if you see one more in Bergamo, you would miss the second leg in the Gave Stefano next March 16. It would be one of the most sensitive casualties you can have Zidane, even more so taking into account the offensive potential of the Italian team. In attack, he would lose the second top scorer (6) of the team after Benzema.

Nevertheless, It is not the first time that he has experienced this situation. This is a footballer used to playing warned or warned, being able to control himself if the situation demands it. In fact, He has been with two yellows since the third match, and played as a substitute against him Inter 30 minutes and, a few weeks later, 90 'against the Mönchengladbach. Also this season, in the League, he traveled to Seville with four. If he saw one more, he would lose the derby against him Athletic of Madrid. However, Zidane did not keep it and played the full game without being cautioned.

Last season, he played for four consecutive league matches with four yellow cards, and only rested before the Classic. In 2019-2020, he played 90 minutes against him I raised noticed having to receive the Barcelona next week. He did so without seeing the card.

No alternative

Casemiro, who turns 29 today, has been in the Madrid without a substitute for warranties. Zizou He has looked for different substitutes for him, but none contributes as much as the Brazilian. One of the most used as a pivot has been Kroos, that although it adds quality in the output of the ball, it does not have the defensive capacity of its partner. What's more, injuries do not allow to do without any footballers

The other player used is Valverde, but is currently on leave. The Uruguayan has been off the pitch for almost a month due to a muscular ailment and, although he has started to work on the Valdebebas grass, he has done so outside the group. He is expected to be back in a week or two.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Champions League

* Data updated as of February 23, 2021

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