Carvajal: “I see the team very well, let's see how we are doing in March”

Carvajal He spoke this Friday for the Real Madrid media in which he assured that, after two weeks of preseason, he sees “the team very well, in very good shape” and assured that this special preparation due to the coronavirus “is helping them” to start well The league

“I see the team very well. I was the first week with the national team, but I see the team in very good shape; working hard and I think this preparation is helping us to start the League ”, he said in Real
TV after the fifth session of the week.

A Dani
Carvajal who was especially happy: “I am very well, I have been able to rest during the summer. With the batteries charged to start a new season and very excited because my partner and I are expecting our first child; everything comes together in these months, “he said.

Regarding the objectives of the season, the international prefers to take it little by little, although with ambition: “This season we are going to fight for everything. We want to start the League, try to add all possible points until the next selection break. The idea is to set ourselves short-term goals of five or six games. And in March we will see if we can fight for everything, “he concluded.