The Real Madrid footballer Dani Carvajal assured this Tuesday that “people want matches of the highest level such as tennis, basketball or the Super Bowl”, in reference to the European Super League, an initiative of the Merengue president, Florentino Pérez, who “takes calculations and sees that difficult times are coming”.

“People want matches of the highest level as happens in tennis, basketball or the SuperBowl. There are many things to improve, but it is difficult for everyone to agree,” said Carvajal in statements to OK Mobility, a brand of which He is a new ambassador.

The full-back praised the Madrid president, Florentino Pérez, for trying to promote this new competition before the arrival of “difficult times”. “Because of the experience he has in business, our president makes calculations, he and his team do their studies. There is not so much audience, television rights are going to drop, and there will be a negative balance that is difficult to combat,” Carvajal explained.

The footballer also valued positively the “alternative” of the Kings League, given the lesser interest of the public in current football. “It is being seen that the financial tickets are quite high for young people and that watching football is being lost among those under 30 years of age. It is a competition that we sometimes discuss in the locker room,” he confessed.

On the individual front, the full-back acknowledged that he is “still” not “aware” of everything he has won at Real Madrid. “Having won 5 Champions Leagues is a dream, with time I will give it more value. Imagining being in Real Madrid’s first team is already a dream,” he explained.

Although he also remembered hard moments in the white first team. “I hooked a year of injury and relapses, it is the worst for an athlete. I couldn’t even train, your head is thinking about not injuring yourself and not enjoying yourself. You are in a sea of ​​doubts, you don’t know if you are on the right path. I worked with a psychologist and I was able to return to my level,” he said.

Finally, he praised the “confidence” of the new generations in a new football in which “everything is much closer.” “Veterans are closer to them. But it is true that, because of the way society is now, between social networks, they want to be footballers at 15 or 16 years old, and there are many who get confused. When I went up, I saw Iker already Cristiano as unattainable beings, to greet them and you were dying of shame”, he concluded.