Carrasco rejoins Atlético de Simeone. The Belgian player was Atlético's best at the Camp Nou and in addition to the point obtained, the great news for the Madrid team is the contribution of the winger. Carrasco arrived on the winter market as the red and white bet to reinforce a squad showing offensive deficiencies. The crisis caused by COVID-19 forced the competition to stop and that made Carrasco unable to show his conditions. After the break, and the large number of matches, Simeone has been rotating its staff and Carrasco has already offered a good performance. His match against Barcelona makes him step forward. Simeone commented at the end of the meeting that “the Carrasco that left is returning to its best version”.

Carrasco has played 11 games of official competition so far this season, all in LaLiga. He debuted at the Bernabéu, against Real Madrid, on February 1. He has always played and only did not play a minute against Liverpool, in any of the two Champions League games, nor in the one that he played against Atlético against Villarreal. In the others it has enjoyed minutes. He has scored a goal and given two assists.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Carrasco made four dribbles (the one with the most from Atlético), He made 23 of 26 good passes and recovered five balls (which is not his thing) in the match against Barcelona. He gave the impression of being a constant danger to the Barça defense. It caused the two penalties that led to the two goals of the Madrid team. For Simeone the speed tip of the Belgian winger is very important.

The Atlético footballer finishes his loan this season. The rojiblanco club has already spoken with him for another year to continue and the Belgian has answered in the affirmative. Atlético wants to speak with the Chinese Dalian so that Carrasco is on the 2020-21 red and white squad. Simeone has always had great faith in the Belgian and matches like the one at Camp Nou reinforce him. At 26, in September he will be 27, He knows that he is facing one of his last opportunities to return to a great level in a club that aspires to everything like Atlético.

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