before the end of the year, rosemary work he will say ‘yes, I do’ for the Church to his wife, carmen tello (63), with whom he has been civilly married since 2003. With the death of Concha Marquez Piquer In October of last year, the bullfighter, at the age of 88, obtained the marriage annulment that the coplera denied him so much.

“The wedding will be held privately this year, but we don’t want to give it publicity or make it a media event,” Tello confessed in The reason. The socialite obtained the annulment of her first marriage with the marquis Miguel Angel Solís also in 2003.

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Carmen and Curro, faithful to their discretion, are not preparing any exclusive: “We will distribute photographs to whoever requests them. We are preparing, but we still do not have the exact date, in a few days we will know it. But, as I told you , my husband does not want to make a big fuss about it,” she added.

The one who was a close friend of the Duchess of Alba awaits this day like rain in May, but from waiting so long for it the emotion has vanished: “We have been waiting for so many years that I cannot imagine it, it is almost a pure formality. God has willed let it be so. But what matters is that, finally, it will be a reality”.

On this day, he will have two very special people in his memories: “I am going to dedicate this wedding to my parents, who were very believers and died without being able to see this dream come true. But they will see it from heaven. Curro is They wanted a lot.”

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The right-hander is very excited. The wedding will be a breath of fresh air among his health problems: “They have just had a check-up and he is fine. But Parkinson’s has begun to affect him and he is following a treatment that seems to give good results. It is very effective,” he explained. Carmen.