Marilo Montero This Monday, it sponsored an event on menopause and vaginal rejuvenation. The 58-year-old presenter went further and confessed to having undergone the treatment she advertises herself. This Wednesday, she gave more details on Susanna Griso’s program and Carmen Lomana (75) has also commented on the matter.

On the one hand, Mariló has clarified that it is not a simple cosmetic surgery: “I am not talking about genital surgery, I am talking about a laser that helps especially women who have had oncological treatment. The genitals suffer and can be affected for later reproduction,” he explained.

On the other hand, Carlos Herrera’s ex has also pointed out: “I am not afraid to talk about a reality. There are women who lack estrogen and testosterone and there is vaginal dryness that makes sexual relations difficult.”

On this topic, Lomana has said: “I am supermenopausal, but my vagina is phenomenal. It all depends on the person you are with, if you like it, it lubricates well.”

The socialite has also caused something to talk about in recent days after being photographed with an ex of the missing Marta Chávarri. “He is not my boyfriend at all. We have been close friends for a long time and he has come to my house in Asturias for a few days to pick me up and take me to Madrid,” she clarified in Ten minutes.