Carmen Lomana, about Ana Obregón: “She is going to be a grandmother because the pregnant woman has been inseminated with her son’s semen”

Carmen Lomana has dared to assure who could be the father of little Ana: Alessthe son of Ana Obregon who passed away in 2020 from cancer. According to the socialite, the actress is “using” the girl “to fill that big void.”

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This is how forceful Lomana has opined in Public mirror: “What I am sure of is that this carrier woman has been inseminated with her son’s semen. It is clear to me because it is the only thing I see that has a reason for being. Ana is going to be a grandmother and Lechia also. I think that she, in her desperation, must have thought that it was a way to continue having her child.”

The ‘enemy’ of Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada does not understand such a decision no matter how hard she tries to empathize with Obregón: “It’s all so strange, ethically, morally, sociologically… I humanly understand her and if that makes her happy… but you have to think about that girl. That girl is going to be very cared for, very loved. Ana has sisters, she has nephews… The hard part will be when you are 79, 80, 85, having a teenage daughter… It is that there is a generational difference that how are you going to understand it. And she will say ‘well now I have to take care of this mother-grandmother’ that no matter how well you are, the years weigh on you. “

Lomana also did not like the words that Ana chose to share the news: “I will never be alone again.” “What I don’t want is for her to say ‘now I have this girl as a doll to play and have fun… I’m not alone anymore’. No, human beings have to be brought into the world to make them happy,” said Carmen.

Carmen’s statement about the sperm donor in the gestation process, Ana Obregón’s surrogate, is a theory that, how we publishflies over from this Wednesday on the set of the program Susanna Griso. “There is speculation about whether there has been ‘a Aunt Cervera‘, there are sperm samples from her son and that would be an option, that is what the mother will clarify or not because in Tita’s case it is the eternal question,” said Griso.

In this sense, they have compared the case of Obregón with that of Baroness Thyssen, mother of the twins, Sabina y Carmen, also born by surrogacy more than 15 years ago. “That’s another matter. Tita did it for her inheritance, she thought ‘if her brother is her father, I won’t have any problems at the time of the inheritance and neither will he’… that’s why there was so much tension in the family afterwards, especially with her daughter-in-law, with Blanca,” Lomana explained.