Carmen Borrego’s husband calls Belén Esteban “hdp” and messes around: “She doesn’t say that to me!”

Pitched battle on the set of Save me this Tuesday due to an unexpected indiscretion for carmen borrego, which has been seen again in the eye of the hurricane. The reason? A message that her husband sent her this Monday, when they were both arguing over Belen Rodriguezand that a colleague has leaked to the direction of the program: “Tell Belén Esteban that she is a ‘hdp'”wrote Jose Carlos Bernal to your wife. The aforementioned has exploded like Vesuvius: “Your husband doesn’t call me that!”, He has said between shouts.

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Very nervous, the princess of the town faced Carmen Borrego herself: “It hurt me a lot because I was fond of her. It hurts, Miguel in life would tell me to say that to a colleague, it seems to me… Do you think it’s nice to call a partner ‘daughter of’?

Terelu’s sister has tried to stand up for her husband: “It was a private message and I’m not going to talk about it. And if you keep commenting on private messages, I’m leaving.” Finally, she has broken down in tears and has left the set visibly affected. Upon her return, she sent a new message to Belén: “My husband wrote me another message: ‘Tell Belén that he wanted to insult her with the literal meaning of the word and I apologize.”

Jesulín’s ex, already calmer, took out the white flag: “I accept them. My husband told me that I have spent with you.”