Carmen Borrego, sunk, begs her son for compassion: “I do not want my grandson to be born and I am not by his side”

The family situation of carmen borrego it has destroyed him. Since the controversial audios of her daughter-in-law came to light, Paola Olmedoleaving the clan y his later exclusive, your son Jose Maria he has distanced himself from her, as we have in Informaliaand the anger, it seems, goes on for a long time.

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This has been confirmed by Carmen herself this Wednesday in Save mewhen the program addressed the issue on set: “I am going to talk very little about this, first of all because it causes me pain. I am not going to deny, because my colleagues know, that I am not having a good time.”

“I want it to be absolutely clear that I have not participated in this information that the magazine gives. I have not talked about my son, I have not sold any exclusive of my son and I am not going to do it here either. I hope that everything is resolved, it is the only thing I’m going to say”, he said in reference to the cover of his friend magazine, Lecturesthat this Wednesday had hair and marks the family dispute of the little girl from Maria Teresa with his firstborn.

“You all know how I am. The only thing I want to say is that I haven’t spoken and I’m not going to. If you don’t believe me, it’s okay, but you can see that I haven’t said anything. When I mess up, I eat it, but when I don’t do it, I don’t do it. I never would have done it and I’m not going to do it here either. It’s inevitable to know how I am, but I don’t want to talk about it, I’m not fine. Everything is being very hard for me,” he added And then he would break down and cry uncontrollably.

Seeing the state his sister was in, Have him he came out to stand up for her: “When a person is screwed, it is normal for his family, his friends and his colleagues to perceive it and understand it. And they see how he collapses at many moments, and how difficult it is for him to continue in the day to day. Anyone who wants to, and then there are those who don’t want to, whoever has good faith, can verify that what Carmen is saying is true.”

After her sister’s plea, Carmen composed herself and sent a message: “I’m only going to say one thing looking at the camera, I can’t handle injustices. Whoever it’s for knows it. I have a very clear conscience, no one can help me judge as a mother. People who know me will never be able to say that I have done something bad to one of my children. I have suffered and I will continue to suffer, but I hope that everything will be resolved and come to a good conclusion, because there are more people who are suffering.” .

In addition, he believes that the situation with his son and his daughter-in-law should be resolved “by talking, because by talking everyone understands each other.” “If you have to ask for forgiveness, you ask, clothes don’t hurt me, but I’m not going to throw myself on the ground so that no one steps on me. I said it at the time and I say it today, I will not throw myself on the ground so that no one steps on me because I don’t deserve it,” he clarified.

“That I am sad does not mean that I am alone, because I have an exceptional daughter and husband; I have my sister and my niece who have supported me a lot, but I also have a mother that I do not want her to suffer, and for this less. And despite all this, I hope that the future unites us because I don’t even want to consider that my grandson is born and I am not there by his side,” he concluded as he dried his tears.