Carmen Borrego responds to Gustavo and Meli Camacho after criticism of the María Teresa mass: “It’s amazing”

Maria Teresa Campos He would have turned 83 this Tuesday and, therefore, his daughters decided to pay tribute to him this Monday with their family and friends. They celebrated it with a mass that took place in the Santa María de Caná parish, in Pozuelo de Alarcón, and there they received the support of Rocio Carrasco and other personalities from its hard core. Of course, despite the fact that Carmen Borrego y Terelu Campos They were looking for a private ceremony, their efforts fell on deaf ears.

Before starting the event, the press was waiting for them in the vicinity of the temple. And that’s not all, because a few hours later the driver of the missing presenter, Gustavo, declared his regret for not having received an invitation: “Logically they have not invited me because one has blocked me and I do not speak to the other, but of course “The first thing of education is not to go where they invite you.” Meli Camacho, a very close friend of the journalist, is also upset, as she has conveyed to Beatriz Cortázar to Informalia. She attended, although she felt “very ignored” at the meeting. Carmen Borrego has responded to them.

For the journalist’s youngest daughter, not everything goes, because feeling “love” towards her mother was not enough to receive an invitation. “Both my sister and I have always respected the people who have been close, the people who have taken care of my mother, those who have been friends… Always. My mother passed away and we have continued doing it. I will to continue doing. What I don’t like, what tires me, what makes me sick is that every time we do something for my mother, in the name of my mother and based on the love and respect for my mother, they stop and get on with it. not respecting my mother’s family. “Stop sheltering in love for my mother and respect her and her family.”has expressed in We’ll see.

“I have never had nor have I nor will I, for my part, have any problem with Meli Camacho. I talked to her, she came to church because she wanted to, I treated her perfectly, as I always treat her. And what about Gustavo seems amazing to me. You can call me whenever you want. If you have any problem you can count on me. If you want me to be your friend, I will be. But let’s put the cards face up everyone. Let’s all take off our masks and do things for the love of my mother. Not for other things, but for love of my mother, because that’s how I do them. Yesterday I went to mass out of love for my mother and today I am speaking here out of love and respect for my mother,” concluded the mother of José María Almoguera, now estranged from Borrego. The young man was not at the ceremony either.

Meli Camacho and Gustavo, very disappointed

These words come after Camacho has confessed to being “the mole” who leaked the celebration of the mass, in which she also felt very disappointed. “My first surprise was to see that among the attendees, María Teresa’s only friend was really me. because there, above all, they were all friends of the daughters and the second thing was how bad I felt. Terelu didn’t even look at my face nor did the granddaughters. The only one who gave me a fleeting kiss was Carmen but I felt uncomfortable and bad.. I went to mass for my friend María Teresa, whom I have loved very much, but I assure you that I will never go to anything else they organize again.. In September, when the first year has passed since his death, I will celebrate a mass with Gustavo [el chofer] and Sonsoles [la secretaria] that they were Teresa’s intimate friends“, he assured Informalia. After leaving the temple, she cried bitterly for what he had experienced inside, as she told Beatriz Cortázar.

According to Camacho, it was not necessary to cover the event with a cloak of “secrecy”, since many important people were left out: “A mass cannot be a secret and furthermore, no one imposes on me what I have to say. Today I wonder what I have done to be treated like this and not greeted even out of politeness.. It certainly won’t happen to me again becauseor I want to know anything about them [Terelu y Carmen] and even less for what they have done with Gustavo, whom María Teresa adored.”.