Carmen Borrego responds to Alejandra Rubio’s ex after suggesting that he may be the father of her son: “Busted”

To all the open fronts that the Campos sisters have, this Wednesday they added the exclusive of Alejandra Rubio (24) and Carlo Costanzia (31) announcing their pregnancy. Carmen Borrego, her father, Mar Flores… All of them have already spoken publicly about it. The exes of both have not been slow to raise their voices either.

“I’m freaking out too. What surprises me is that she, who doesn’t sell anything about her life, sold it.”said Jeimy, ex-girlfriend of the Italian model and actor who already came to the media spotlight when Carlo decided to talk about the dramas of his family life in Friday.

Alberto, a young man who claims to be Alejandra’s ex, has also said in a telephone conversation with We’ll see: “As long as it’s true that it’s three months and not five…”he pointed out, hinting at something that has bothered Carmen Borrego a lot.

Terelu’s sister answered her live: “Exes are exes for a reason, and you don’t even fit into the category of exes”. And he finished: “What is clear is that the son is not yours and we don’t care exactly what you think. You can keep talking, but you seem like a fool to me”. And she has highlighted it again: “What is clear is that he is not the father”.

The young people leave from February, and shortly after, Informalia He caught Alejandra buying a pregnancy test. Something she denied, and now… Baby on the way. The baby will also be born with a loaf of bread under her arm. For the exclusive in Hello, the television collaborator and the son of Mar Flores and Carlo Costanzia di Costiglioli – who is still serving time for a fraud crime – have already pocketed a good pinch. So much so that Lequio put a figure: “There is talk of 85,000 euros.” The count threw a battery of darts at Alejandra and Carlo and also followed the same line this Thursday, to the point that Borrego snapped at him: “If what you want is for me to speak badly about my niece…”.