The chauffeur de las Campos soap opera has not come to an end. The messenger (or snitch) Kiko Hernandez continues to filter the sins of Gustavoeven those that splash himself, and the last one is a private chat between them and to which he joined Belen Rodriguez and that they used to laugh and make fun of carmen borrego. “I find it cruel and disgusting,” she has said.

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The gathering of Save me it is sunk Accused of leaking information about her family, away from her son (whom she hasn’t spoken to for months) and with her relationship with Terelu hanging by a thread, the betrayal of what she believed to be her best friends has been the last straw. glass. “I am not feeling well, I am not well because when you begin to realize how this has been formed and you are aware that people who are part of your family, your friends, have a chat in which they are dedicated to laughing at me and of my physique… It seems cruel to me, it seems disgusting to me, it hurts me for the people who have been inside. They have disappeared forever from my life”.

And it is that Carmen has done a cross and a line with all of them: “All these people are not in my life. My friend Belén Rodríguez hurts a lot, but this time she will not be my friend anymore.” And he has revealed: “The person who has apologized to me and who has taught me has been Gustavo, so that he knows what things that have been told are not like that. Gustavo has been accused of uploading photos of me to laugh at me and not It has been like that. From my double chin, for example, Kiko Hernández”.