As announced this Tuesday, Carmen Borrego He has signed on for Sandra Barneda’s program and this Wednesday he debuted in his new job. Face to face with the presenter, Terelu Campos’ sister has spoken at length about the complicated moment in which she finds herself.

“I am still not able to think that he is not here,” he said at the beginning of his interview. Regarding how she feels, she has also added: “I have a hard time sleeping, I have a hard time waking up, waking up is becoming aware of reality.”

Borrego, who mourned her father’s suicide when she was only 17 years old, has also lamented: “I have come to think if my father’s death was better for me. He was there and the next day he wasn’t. The impact is terrible, But what we are not prepared for is seeing our parents suffer.”

Regarding how close she and her sister are at the moment, she explained: “We have always been a united family and that’s how it will continue to be. Right now it does me a lot of good to be with my sister (…) I think they both “We are alike, each in our own style. We are grateful for the love and respect received.”

The two Campos sisters, their respective children, other very close relatives and two fundamental people in María Teresa’s life were present at the cremation of the Malaga journalist. Gustavo ‘The Driver’ y Belen Rodriguezwith whom the sisters smoothed over differences at this very delicate moment for the family: “We have done it as she would have wanted and with the people she would have wanted.”

Recognitions to the figure of María Teresa

On the other hand, Borrego has spoken of the thorn in the family’s side: “At many moments in his life he came to think that it had not been important.” However, after the death of the veteran communicator on September 5, the opposite was proven: “Showing great respect for the figure of communication, she has healed us.” Even so, Carmen would have liked María Teresa to see all these recognitions during her lifetime: “But we would have liked her to have lived it and we will always have this thing that she did not live it.”